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    Why is Mooshimeter out of stock in Amazon?

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    Also out of stock on (UK)…

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    Actually says discontinued :(

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    Matthias Lehmann
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    Sparkfun has the best price $119.95 US

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    Nick Peaden

    Just got an e-mail that DigiKey has listed the product as obsolete with no replacement. They still have 46 in stock.

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    Hey. Does anyone know what consequence this will have for the mobile app, if it will continue to be available on Google Play etc?

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    Any update to this? I’ve emailed mooshi but no reply.

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      I would backup the APK (if you’re using Android)…

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    What has happened? I can’t find any stock anywhere. I want to order two more meters. I already have two at home and four at work and they all work perfectly! Are you updating the design?


    Tom Brandt

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    This is the Achilles’ heel of phone-based devices: the device will be left behind by newer phones and thus rendered useless. There are multimeters from the 70’s (and earlier!) in working use today, alas you will not find a Mooshimeter still usable in 2055 for want of a working phone to drive it.

    Craig mentioned above to keep the APK – I’d go further: keep a working phone with the app on it. For example, my new phone is an Android 10 device and whilst the app works, it raises warnings about being out of date. I expect the app will stop working sometime over Android 10’s lifetime.

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