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      I have had my mooshi meter since the initial Kickstarter run. I love it and it works great with my iPhone 5s. I recently purchased a new iPhone 6s and have been unsuccessfully trying to pair my meter with my new phone. It pairs perfectly with my 5s as I am writing this, but when I try to pair it with my 6s it sits there with the spinning wheel of death.

      I opened it up and hit the reset and still nothing. I have taken the batteries out and put them back in, still nothing. Again, it pairs without issue on my 5s.

      Is there something I am missing?


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      Hi Indigent,

      That’s odd, I don’t think you’re missing anything.

      Some users who have had iPhone connection woes report that they had to reboot their phones after downloading the app to get it to work right. Have you tried this? Also, the Mooshimeter can only pair with one device at a time, so make sure it’s not connected to the iPhone 5 when you try to connect it to the iPhone 6.

      Hope this is helpful, please let me know how it goes.

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