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    Haven’t used my meter in a year or so. Just dug it out, installed new batteries, flashed new firmware, and can’t get any readings from it. Two issues I’ve noted:

    1. I can only connect to the meter once per reset. I can connect once, but if I disconnect after that and attempt a reconnect I get a “Initialization failed. Status: -2” error message. If I hit the physical reset button I can get it to reconnect once.

    2. Once connected, I never get any actual readings displayed. They just constantly say “LOADING”.

    Using Android version 9 (Samsung Galaxy S8) with updated app Version 1.0.38 (2214). Firmware 1477971088.

    I also noticed that the old batteries had started leaking, and some of the chips on the board look gunked up because of that. Is my meter dead?

    Any ideas?

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