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    Just got the meter and it is really nice! I am using the Android app.

    I have set up a load on AC mains and have correct AC Current and AC Voltage readings on the display. How do I get from this point to show power factor?


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    Hi Mark,

    Glad you’re getting good use of it!

    Right now power factor is not explicitly calculated. From the main text view where you can see AC voltage and current:

    1. Turn the phone sideways to enter graphing mode
    2. Touch the “Settings” button in the bottom right
    3. Touch the button saying “Trend Mode” and wait a few seconds. This will download a complete sample buffer and show you the voltage and current waveforms.

    Explicit calculation of the power factor is another item on the app to-do list, but I hope in the meantime seeing the power factor visually will answer your question.

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      James, thanks for the details on the graphing – but frankly this is a little disappointing. The specifications page strongly implies that power and related metrics are part of the output. It would be more straightforward to separate those functions that are not implemented or at least have the classic “*” footnote.

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    Sorry Mark, I thought it was important to get hardware in people’s hands sooner, since the project was already 4.5 months late. The features are being filled in, more soon :)

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    Boyd Barrie

    Thanks for the hard work. It is better to get the meter out to every one so that we have basic functionality. Everyone wants something different and you will not make everyone happy.
    Would it be possible to list the features you expect to get done

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    Boyd Barrie

    Would it be possible to list the features you expect to get done in the near and far term and their priorities?

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    Hah! Here I was reading the Power Factor discussion and thinking Yes, I’m also looking forward to having true power as a (third, virtual) sensor.

    Then I saw it was just some spam that popped it to the top of the list :(

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    The spam filters get most of it but not all of it… I flagged it and cleared it out.

    Getting power factor displayed numerically is still on the task list and are up next now that logging is more stable!

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