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      I am in the process of developing a dynamo USB charger for my bike, and to help the design process I want to log the AC Voltage/current/power information while a do a test ride. I brought my Moshimeter several years ago and this seems to be the ideal application for it.

      After doing a 30 minute test ride I checked the logged data and was disappointed that it only logged the voltage and current values, and what appears the peak values for each. I would really like power factor and real power data logged as well. Is there any way of doing this?

      The X-Y graph has been awesome to visualize the power factor bu t there is no way of logging that. I have been able to take a few screen shots while riding but less than ideal.

      I wonder if anyone can give me guidance on how to log more detailed data.

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      You cant get more than that on a log-file. You could play with sampling settings to get more DC datapoints by setting it to 4000* hertz, 32 samples and logging interval to “no wait”. It gives you about ten results per second. Those are not peak values, just an average of those 32 samples at 4000 Hz rate, which is then saved to the memory card and then that same loop starts again by sampling next 32 points in time etc. Basically you measure for ~8 milliseconds and then process that data for ~80 milliseconds and then start again. AC needs more data and processing, so it is slower.

      * there is also 8 kHz setting, but it might be unstable and might give some glitches to your data.

      Anything else you see on your phone is calculated on the fly by your phone. Mooshimeter only streams “raw” data for it (which you can’t log). Screen capture might help, but then you need to do your analyzing visually.

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