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      I’m hoping to use the meter for power measurement and logging (of a fridge, to correctly size a solar inverter).

      Is it possible to measure and log power and power factor, if I connect the meter up to measure V and I?

      Simultaneous high-speed sampling of voltage and current gives the following power measurements:

      True Power
      Reactive, Complex, Apparent Power
      Power Factor
      Total Harmonic Distortion
      Phase Lead or Lag

      I can’t find it in the Android app, is it an iOS feature? When will this be available?

      Thanks, Thomas

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      I also would like an update on this feature.

      btw, Thomas I have done logging with a refrigerator using a meter based on electric imp.

      if you are up for a challenge, the information is there to build it. However, it really isn’t necessary for your project.

      Obviously appliances will vary but I found mine ran a pretty repetitive duty cycle except a few times a week when it burned more power to do a defrost cycle. You can get a good idea of consumption using a Kill-A-Watt meter for one week, and those are pretty cheap. You can get the power factor while the compressor is on.

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      Thanks Mark.

      Wow, that power meter is serious, pretty good for an amateur!

      This graph of a rectifier power supply sums it up:
      vi graph

      The mooshimeter is certainly as capable, it just needs a new mode, similar to the AC voltage mode, where it does the multiplication before the averaging. Probably more work to get the app right, than the meter.

      Oh one more thing, in logging mode, it would have to integrate the total energy in each logging period, then divide by time to get the true average power over that period. So logging of power would require continuous sampling and processing, which would affect the battery life a bit. I suppose the same could be done for V and I, average over the period instead of discrete samples.

      True Power measurement was a feature promoted with the launch, it would be great to have it working!

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      Yes I’m also disappointed this isn’t working yet.

      I would love to graph Watt-hour consumption over long time periods, the Mooshimeter should be perfect for this application but it falls short due to the software.

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      I am puzzled that your app does not have a power factor option. I use android version 34 beta (actually a variant which I modified for increased capability using broadcast intents). Maybe you have a android app version prior to PF implementation since I don’t when PF was implemented. Version 34beta has a numerical display choice for apparent power, real power, and PF. Set top display to Current AC , Auto 10A; Middle display to Voltage AC, Auto 600V; bottom display to Power Factor. I just tried it using a compact fluorescent light bulb as a load and in graph mode, the graph looks very similar to the Waveform graph in your post of V and A against time. Be sure to turn Buffer Mode ON. To stop scolling, turn Autoscroll off. I do not believe the PF is logged, so if that is your only issue then I cannot help.

      I think you have 3 choices to get version 34 beta.
      1. Become a beta tester. Very easy, painless. Then the versions you get from the Playstore are the latest.

      2. Download the apk from the developer’s page. You need to side load the .apk file into your android device. You can google how to sideload.

      3. Download my modified 34beta version which is compatible with commercial apps like Tasker, etc to program additional capabilities.

      Does this help any? — Duane

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      No need for the beta version, apparent power, real power, and PF are already in the stable version.
      However in the app you can only see the live data.

      If you want display/aggregate data over long periods of time you need to log them and then use a spreadsheet application or similar to display the data.

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      It would take a little effort, but Tasker can be set up to manipulate all three display values, the bottom display being PF. And Tasker has a built-in function to write to a file on the android phone. So, you would be logging, A, V, PF values probably every second or two. Of course you can log less often. Again, it is not as easy or straight forward like built-in features for the app and most people don’t want to put forth the time or effort, but I just point it out in case someone reads this and wants to try.

      I am just a user. Not associated with Mooshim Engineering, Tasker, or any related venture. —Duane

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      Actually I just noticed that it only logs voltage and ampere. So there is no way to determine apparent power / PF from the log data…

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      Yep, you are using the Mooshim Engineering app. My modified app sends all three displays so it can send PF. See my Github link in choice 3 above. —Duane

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      Duane, please read the topic carefully.

      This about long term logging of data. An app (modified or not) isn’t going to help here, since your android device won’t be there (for the whole time) in the first place…

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      Communicating through this media is not optimal. We all assume things. I never use my primary phone as my meter display. Pre-paid phones are so darn inexpensive. And no, the phones do not have to be rooted or even activated to any carrier. I get mine easily for $20 or less (in the USA). So, my phone CAN always be with my meter. But every solution depends on detailed requirements and then how much money/time/effort it takes.

      Best wishes for you to find your solution. —- Duane

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      Sorry, but I would consider buying a $20 phone and running it along the mooshi a waste of resources and energy. Even more so since it is clear that this can and should be addressed on a firmware level.

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