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      Theo Kanters

      I have bought a Mooshimeter from Elektor in The Netherlands. I have tested the meter during the weekend. However, I have a problem with the bluetooth connection between the meter and my Iphone 6s ( also tried this with a Iphone 4s, same problem). The connection disappears after 20 to 50 seconds and I have to bring back the connection by selecting the Mooshimeter V.1 app. I already have changed the batteries but with no result. What might be the problem? It seems to appear more of tend when I measure in the AC mode. However, there is no pattern. Sometimes it is after 50 seconds and sometimes already after 20 second.

      Please let me know if I am doing something wrong. Other wise I have to send the meter back and get a new one.

      With kind regards,

      Theo Kanters

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      I have also buy it from Elektor, but in France.

      And I have always many problems to connect it with android in my office.

      The apk find the mooshimeter, but I CANT connect it.

      For me, it is because wifi. I have to go outdoor to connect it, then I go back to my office. And all work fine.

      BLE seems to be powerless.

      And yes, I tried others wifi channels ;=)

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      Hi Theo and Pascar,

      Theo: It does not sound like you are doing anything wrong. What is the signal strength displayed by the app? The connection to iOS is usually very stable when RSSI > -70dB or so. I am porting the new changes I made in Android over to the iOS app, there are some changes to connection handling that may fix the behavior, but it will be at least a week before I can release those updates. If it would be faster for you to exchange, please start that process with Elektor.

      Pascar: Android bluetooth definitely has some “rough edges”, and unfortunately different manufacturer’s phones behave differently and we can’t test them all. I recommend joining the Android beta and trying again with the new app and firmware:

      You will have to do a firmware update, you can see a video of how to do that here:

      Upgrading Mooshimeter Firmware

      Sorry for the inconvenience, please let me know how else I can help.

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      Hi James,

      My signal strength is not stable, it fluctuate between RSSI>-33db and -56db.

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      Hi Theokan,

      That level of fluctuation is pretty normal. The RSSI is reported by Android and I’ve seen the stability vary from device to device. I would only worry if the android device and the mooshimeter are very close to eachother and the signal strength is consistently <-70dB. Best ~James

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      Hi Theokan,
      There is a small glitch with ios app. When taking AC Voltage reading, set the other reading to read temp. This should keep the app from dropping out. You have to understand the meter is not perfect and is a work in progress with improvements. There will be minor glitches that get improved over time. Positive feedback on the forum contributes to the improvements. The support from James and other members is very good.

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