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      i´ve got problems with my nexus 4 and the mooshimeter.
      A couple of weeks ago i connect my mooshi after a long time to my nexus 4. The app say, that there is a firmware update. So i try to update the firmware:

      The app show this:
      image loaded.
      ready to programm device!
      programming started
      programming cancelled

      After that, the app want to start the firmware update again.

      Could anybody help me with that problem?


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      Hi Jochen,

      There’s a new version of the Android app with some bug fixes to the firmware upload feature. Can you try updating your app and uploading firmware again?

      Also, the leading cause of failure of firmware upload is low batteries. Can you try doing a firmware upload with a fresh set of batteries?


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      Hi James,

      i try the new android app and this is happen:
      The app connect to the mosshimeter and start to flash the new firmware. After 100-120 sec the flashing is finished and the app say “Programming complete” “exiting”. The meter is showing in the app and the status is pending beetween “Bootloader” and “Mosshimeter V.1”. If i hit connect when “Mosshimeter V.1” is showing in the app, it point me to the firmware update process.
      I try it also with fresh batterys, but it makes no differences.

      I try it a couple of times but everytime with the same result. Finally it shows in the app “Invalid firmware”


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      Hi Jochen,

      I have a suspicion that you are encountering a bug where Android is caching the state of the Mooshimeter too aggressively. Here is what I wrote to another user on this topic:

      The app determines whether the meter is in “meter” or “bootloader” mode based on a process called service discovery, where Android probes the mooshimeter to see what types of data it offers. It looks like Android is wrongly reporting that the device is in “meter” mode through the service discovery process, and then crashing when the app tries to talk to the bootloader as if it were meter firmware.

      This is a documented Android bug that the existing android app tries to work around (using the solution found on this StackOverflow post) but it appears that the workaround doesn’t cover all Android versions. I’ll try to think of another way around it, or at the very least make the failure more graceful.

      In the immediate term though – if your Mooshimeter has valid firmware, I think you can get around the problem by simply rebooting your phone. This should clear any cache and when you connect to the Mooshimeter in application mode (not bootloader mode), you should see measurements.

      Hope this helps, let me know how it goes. Best

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