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      I have an android application I would like to be able to read the voltage/current values from the mooshimeter. I tried intents, but they only seem to work if the mooshimeter app is visible. Is there any good way to read voltage values from another application? Maybe a library or background intents. Or reading directly via bluetooth?

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      As far as I know, intents are “broadcasted” by the original app, so if you want to make use of them, the original app must always be active, too.

      But please be aware that intents aren’t currently working properly, so I guess that this part of the app will need a revamp some day, which will also change the access interface conditions.

      Therefore, the probably better way for you may be to study the original app’s code (it’s open source), and then integrate whatever you need in your own standalone app.

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      Hi davidc,
      i have the same problem, i am going to implement the bluetooth connection in my own app.

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      Would it be worth separating some of the functionality of the mooshimeter app out into a library that could be used by any app. I would be willing to help with the effort if it makes sense.

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