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      Just a note to say that, for me at least, the most recent Mooshimeter beta software has been working very smoothly. Over the last few updates I’ve noticed almost no bugs or glitches. Great work, James!

      And although it’s not a new feature, I especially appreciate the Mooshimeter’s long battery life. It helps enormously with long-term monitoring of hazardous or otherwise inaccessible equipment.

      Only one small peeve: AC measurements are highly dependent on sample rate. I wondered if this could be improved by choosing sample rates which are not harmonics of the mains frequency, and therefore don’t “beat” with the signal being measured?

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      Hi Tim,

      I’m catching up in the forums and this is a great post to come across when most of them are about things that need fixing. Thank you :)

      Regarding AC measurements: Yes, the AC measurements depend very much on sample rate. The analog filters on the meter roll off around 1kHz, so measuring at 4kHz should not have a large beat component. Below that the beat will be significant. I’m considering removing manual control of the sample rate from the main metering page and hiding it as an “advanced” setting, because sometimes users reset it and then get confused when their AC measurements don’t look right later. Any thoughts on that?


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