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      Dear James,
      Is there any possibility of the Mooshimeter writing its logs in a text format? I’m really unenthusiastic about installing and configuring a Python interpreter. Otherwise, can you at least give us some alternative decoders?

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      Hi Tim,

      Sorry, right now I don’t plan on making the firmware write out ASCII logs in real valued units.

      Can I ask why you don’t want a python interpreter on your system? No judgement, just curious. Here’s a workaround for you: I am assuming you’re on Windows and I bundled the conversion script in to an exe that you can run without having python installed.

      Download conv_script.exe and from this folder:
      Put them on your SD card and run conv_script.exe. That should work assuming you have a pretty recent version of windows.

      Hope this workaround does the job, best

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      Hi James, Thanks for the reply. I’ll try to explain why I’d like to see the logging feature improved:

      To me the Mooshimeter is about convenience. It’s not especially cheap, and it doesn’t do anything that can’t be done with normal meters, but it’s compact enough to carry around and the wireless display is handy in certain situations.

      Data logging is where the convenience starts to falter. To read a log file I need to
      – find a screwdriver
      – find a card reader
      – find a PC
      – figure out how to install a Python interpreter

      I work in a large laboratory where I can be using any one of hundreds of different computers, so the Python installation needs to be done each time. Many of those computers don’t allow for extra software installation at all. Even at home I have a number of computers of different kinds, none of which have a Python interpreter. I can (just about) put up with removing the memory card, but the software hassles are enough to make me reach for an alternative solution.

      I think the Mooshimeter is a fantastic idea and I use mine frequently. I hope it continues to evolve.

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      Thanks Tim – I admit the institutional scenario where you don’t control all the computers isn’t something I had considered. I see where you’re coming from now… that makes sense and it makes the case for ASCII logs much stronger. Let me think about it some more. The original justification I had for writing in binary instead of ASCII is that ASCII inflates the data substantially, and the SD card is one of the more power hungry components of the system so I was trying to keep the amount of data being written minimal. But maybe that’s not as big an issue as I thought… I’m going to revisit the power numbers again. Maybe I was getting a little power stingy.


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      Hi James,
      I could not ask for more. By the way, the Mooshimeter is rather well suited to the research lab environment: it can be installed in hazardous environments and operated remotely, and in a pinch will serve as an impromptu data acquisition.

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      That’s exactly what it was designed for :) I used to work at Boston Dynamics and had some close calls with the robots while trying to diagnose them. Great to hear it being used for its intended purpose!

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