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      So the problem with the Moosimeter is it leaves some settings to the end user than many conventional meters do not offer. I am sure there are good and bad reasons for this, but I can see where this and and does cause problems at times.

      I would like a clear explanation, along with some examples how the Sample Rate and Buffer Depth can impact and influence readings as well as impact Logging Interval times.

      Not sure if there is any write up or explanation on this topic, but I think it would be VERY helpful to the Moosimeter community.

      I also think that the Sample Rate and Buffer Depth need to be a bit more clear on the App and somehow indicate these are actual meter settings and possibly offer a Warning if specific settings are going to impact measurements.

      From my early use of the Moosimeter, it was unclear what these items were for and for the first few times I used the meter, I assumed (wrongly so) that the Hz section was for displaying the frequency of something being measured.

      When in fact this was actually the Sample Rate of the meter and can and will greatly impact the ability to properly measure AC Voltages. These settings may impact other measurements, but without understanding hot they affect the meter, it is all a guess.

      And while on the question of Frequency, it there a way for the Moosimeter to measure the Frequency of a signal? If so, maybe I have missed this, if not, is this a feature/capability that may be able to be added to the App in the future?

      Thanks in advance for considering this request, I assume this is something James specifically will need to address, however, I have no idea how many developers are behind the scene working with Mooshimeter.


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      Hi Jfoj,

      Sorry I didn’t get to this in a timely manner. You’re right that exposing the buffer depth and sample rate to the user has been a persistent point of confusion. I’ve started trying to explain it here:

      Behind the scenes it’s just me :) Frequency measurement is possible but not implemented in firmware right now. One of the reasons firmware development has slowed down is that I’m out of program memory space and have been for a while, so every new feature needs space carved out for it from the slack in the features that are already there (and I’m having trouble finding any more slack to cut).

      I’m starting to consider a Mooshimeter V2, which would be a new hardware platform. All the feedback I’ve received here and everything I’ve learned on Mooshimeter V1 would influence it, so thank you very much for your continued participation in this. I’ll be writing about new directions in the blog in the next few weeks.


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