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      Just received my first MM hip hip !!
      All OK so far and easy to set up and use.
      One question is for the life of me unable to fathom out how the 3 alligator clips that came with it can be connected to the probes ?

      I am doing a permanent type install in my collector car to be able to report battery voltage and current in/out of battery. Seems to work fine. Will use a known high power resistor to calibrate amps.

      So was wondering if there are any 3rd party apps that would accept Mooshi data so it can be scaled and displayed in engineering units ?? My memory is not up to permanently doing conversions.Also need to invert polarity because of the C terminal. Ideally one of those soft analog style meters would be great.

      Also I presume that for filtering I could just reduce sample rates ?

      Any input/ideas most welcome

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