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    I am pleased with my Mooshimeter, but the case catches against the MicroSD card as it is shut. This results in: 1) difficulty closing the case, 2) the card popping out when the case is opened, as it has been pushed in and 3) on-going wear on both the SD card and the case.
    I don’t see how the card holder (fixed to the circuit board) can be moved with respect to the case, the only way I can see of resolving the issue.

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    I have not seen this problem with mine, as long as the card was fully seated. However, you could notch the case where the card is. The only reason the card isn’t exposed is to meet a safety requirement due to the 600 volt capability of the meter. There would be no danger, as long as you didn’t poke something in around the circuit board while the probes are plugged in and measuring dangerous voltage. I have never liked the fact that it is necessary to take the meter apart to access the card or reset, but Mooshim announced early on that they were forced to close those off due to the above mentioned safety requirement.


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    I’ve the same issue, but it’s not a real problem for me, I need to be a little bit careful when closing the case.

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    Thanks for the feedback, I guess it’s not a big issue unless I’m in a CAT III situation, and it’s mostly going to be domestic. I’ll just have to chew a notch out of the case…

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    Mine is the same. I just push the card so it clicks and hold it while putting the case on, that way when you open the case it won’t fling out.

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    There’s a bit of a knack to it, but it works, thanks. Better than damaging the integrity of the case. Shame they couldn’t get their tolerances a bit better!

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    The problem is considerably alleviated by getting batteries that are just a tiny bit smaller. So the problem might be more to do with the variation in tolerance of the batteries, than the tolerance of the fabrication of the meter.
    I suggest you select the smallest from a number of batteries checking the width /length with a pair of calipers.
    Problem persists, but much improved.

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