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    good morning.hope this email finds you all well
    I’ve been using mooshimeter for couple of years now without a problem. till i found the battery completely depleted all over the place. i removed all parts, and cleaned off battery wastes, however, i could not manage to get the logging featuring working again. after quick inspection, it was found that the SD card slot got so rusted too. so i had to replace it too. so i used micro to sd card adapter as a host, solder jumper wires from pcb to sd card host. but sill not working. i searched around the web and found that could be some wires need to be shorted in order to detect the sd card. can you please advice me on this matter.

    notes,i tried the micro sd card on the pc still to FAT32, still no luck
    everything is working find except reading the sd card and logging

    looking forward to hearing from you

    this is the actual unit bought in 2016

    some pictures of battery depleted

    i soldered wires straight to SD adapter

    i removed the old SD slot

    as per below wiring

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    i have added the pictures in below link

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    Are you sure of your wiring? It looks like you’ve got ten wires there, whilst uSD cards only have 8 connections. The others are likely the shield and card-detect switch.

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    Thanks a lot for your reply. So which wire should be ignored then?. Where can i have the pinout of pcb card socket ?

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    Would someone replied to this question please?
    i need the pinout assignment of the usc and which pins are for card detect?

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    thanks james on replying. it worked!

    to sum, the issue was that the batteries got depleted and the chemicals runied the contacts and the micro sd card underneath it. thus i replaced it and got stucked with the pinout. and now the meter is working.

    i’m sharing this to the form just in case someone runs into the same problem


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