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      Where is the SD card slot,
      I see it mentioned often, but where is it?

      Do you have an eta on the logging mode release?

      Does unit go to sleep? After when?

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      It’s on the left side of the meter below the battery. Easy to miss due to the clear housing.

      I too am anxiously awaiting the logging feature and was surprised that it’s not implemented yet; it’s what I bought the device for.

      SD slot

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      Ah, I see now that the “slot” is not open to the inside. There is a discussion of the safety risk involved in opening this slot here:

      Link here.

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      Hi Julia and Jim,

      Logging is in the works… figured the crowdfunding backers had waited long enough for the hardware and most people would benefit from having it in hand even if the logging feature wasn’t finished yet.

      Sorry for the delay, I’ll let you know when it’s ready

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