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    Pete Rudloff

    My 2 Meters arrived yesterday and I unpackaged one. I had no issues following the simple instructions to download the app and wake up the meter. I still need to play around with it extensively

    I know the SD slot was “eliminated” from the case as testing of the meter was ongoing. I see the slot is still on the actual board though, HMMM.

    Is that a reset button next to the SD slot?

    Theoretically speaking can the slot be opened in the case so that an SD card can be installed? Would the SD card work? maybe we could do recordings and save them to an SD?

    Or can I just pop the two screws and put an SD in?


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    It’s my understanding that yes, the SD card is fully functional, you just have to open the case up to insert/remove the card. But i’m also curious about cutting away the slot window in the housing for easier access, even though it will negate the CAT III labeling…

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    Seth is right – the SD card slot will accept an SD card.

    BUT the firmware for talking to the SD card is not fully fleshed out yet (mostly timing bugs), which is why logging is presently disabled in the apps. I hope to address this in an app update after fulfillment is done.

    Also to Seth: Grinding away the slot window would definitely invalidate the CATIII rating. Whatever you decide to do, be safe!

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    Pete Rudloff

    Thanks James, duly noted on the CAT3 rating change. I will probably be OK with opening a slot in the case for my useage. Is the button a master reset button?

    Keep up the good work!

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    Yes, the button is a master reset button – it’s tied to the RST pin of the CC2540 (if you’re interested). So far I’ve only heard of a few cases where the meter needs a hard reset. One documented here:

    I think that one choked under strong radio interference from the Tesla coil.

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