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      Hello, it’s time again. I had to create with the Mooshimeter a long log file for an error search. I had as always big problems to prepare the data so I could view it in a graphic. Is there a possibility of a simple preparation? Or is there a video tutorial? Why is it not possible to write the data in the Mooshimeter so on the SD card that you can be displayed immediately. I mean so that the measured values the way you are displayed on the iPhone is also stored on the SD card. Why is the date and time not saved in a usable format? I have great difficulties times quickly a log file as a graphic display.

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      Here are some of my notes, it may not be fully comprehensive, but this is what I found, refer to and use to tweak Excel so I can graph things.

      The first thing it to understand how to convert from Epoch time to what I call real time and date.

      Then you have to add another column to Excel as I recall and then add in a formula so you can convert the Epoch time column to a real time column. I often delete the Epoch time column or just copy the columns I need and paste them into a new sheet to work from.

      I agree to some extent that this should be easier, but what I seem to find is this product is geared and set up by someone with the mindset of a programmer or developer rather than an end user. There needs to be some more focus on the end user because if you do not have the years of background behind the meter design, you have no idea what some of the setting affect or how to properly set up the meter.

      I really was looking for a meter that could Log at 100-200 ms intervals and I have yet to be able to get this type of fast Logging with this meter.

      Maybe I am missing something, maybe someone can explain.

      Anyway hope this info is helpful or at least points you into the right directon.

      Mooshimeter Graph Info
      Excel Formula for Unix Time “=A2/86400+25569”
      Then Format Time as Custom ss.0
      Then Format Voltage as Number with 2 decimal places

      See Unit Time Conversion

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      > Why is the date and time not saved in a usable format?
      Well, it is.
      But you are probably referring to a standardized format, where you can just click on it and it will produce a two-axis line graph – unfortunately such thing does not exist.

      > I have great difficulties times quickly a log file as a graphic display.
      If you have some experience with spreadsheet programs it shouldn’t take long to graph a single log file (took me around 5min here for my first).

      However if you want to repeatedly graph log files, you are better of with a script in scilab or gnu octave. This way you can graph (and even generate PDFs) with a press of a button.

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      No disrespect, but this is part of the problem, few end users probably have experience with Scilab or GNU Octave.

      Again, I think the end user may have been and after thought

      Epoch time is not so usable when you are Logging over days and you want to easily make comparative readings.

      Each person has their strengths and abilities, and I for one think the end user need to understand the inner workings of this meter to properly and safely use it. Case in point, wrong setting can and will make AC Voltage measurements low.

      Just need to understand there are many different level of users of this device.

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      While I agree with you that few users probably have experience with Scilab and the like, I don’t think that this is a problem or mooshis “fault”.

      The mooshimeter is a multimeter and a data logger.
      For the multimeter you need the device, the firmware and the app.
      For the datalogger you need the device and the firmware – and that’s it.

      There is no data logger in the world which take the task of you to evaluate and visualize the data for you.

      So if someone is logging data he should bear in mind, that he himself needs to find a solution for evaluating that data.

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