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      can you recommend a hall type of current sensor for this, like a clamp on model? you show in your advertisement how to measure current for a car starter, but you don’t really explain how

      feature request, let us please move channels around in the gui on the app. amperage is all ways second for me, i would like to move it up to the top where amperage shows.

      also when using kcouple, and using the math conversion to read the temperature output, i lose the ability to use the other channel???

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      Hi LittleBill,

      I’ve used a MASTECH MS3300 for a few years and had good results with it. Here it is on Amazon.

      Using kcouple: This takes both channels inside the meter, because what a thermocouple actually measures is the temperature difference between the tip and the reference junction (usually at the meter). So one channel of the Mooshimeter is measuring the thermocouple voltage (which gives temperature difference) and the other channel is measuring the absolute temperature at the mooshimeter itself.

      Let me know if you have other questions, best


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      Oh – also – since you’re not the first person to ask about high current measurements, I started a wiki page to list recommendations

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