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      I am beginning to lose patience with the Mooshimeter. I want to record the idle current and the battery voltage to the device over 2 days. Now I have specially participated in the beta test because nothing could be done without an update with the measurement results. After the update he writes every second a measurement value to the memory card without the log function is turned on or the Mooshimeter is clamped. The data he should log he repeatedly interrupted. Channel 1 should the voltage in mV at a shunt fairs. Channel 2, the battery voltage. In the Graphical View, the voltage is properly displayed on the right. For channel 2 is left only 0,00mV. The import of the CSV file is for me very awkward because I only have to remove thousands data because the Mooshimeter every second one worth writing on the memory card even though the log function is not eingeschltet and date must first be converted to a formula. Also, the display of the measured values as a scientific number is not good. Why the value is also displayed on the Iphone is written on the memory card. For all the trouble comes nor there is no German support and I have the impression that there is not yet a market Ripe product. I’m still a new trial starting. If that fails I will also send the device back. On your website, the Graphical analysis with Excel always look good.A video tutorial of the removal-of the memory card to the final analysis of the data with Excel would be very helpful.

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      Hi Klaus,

      I replied to your comment on facebook, I hope it’s useful to you. Sorry again for the trouble, best


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      Hello, I wanted to record current via a shunt and voltage for a whole day. I just read the memory card, and have found that a large time was not recorded. I put the file in my Dropbox. The link to the file is shown below. Does anyone know why this is and how to evaluate these data in Excel?
      I have started the recording yesterday at about 10:00 today the record at 10: 30h off.
      For help, I am very grateful.

      Log File from Mooshimeter

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      I had same kind of problem yesterday, as i tried logging with newest android beta (29).. I did not (remember/know to) disconnect from mooshimeter and logging stopped as i went out of bluetooth range.. Not sure how that would be reasonable way to behave, but after that i tried again and logging worked fine, as i remembered to disconnect.

      no wait/1 sec log intervals are easy to check, as led is blinking constantly, but nothing tells us to disconnect.. So it would seem that everything is fine, but after walking away it stops.. So JAMES, THIS IS A BUG.

      For excel (and in my case, libreoffice calc), i would first add “=(A9/86400)+25569+(1/24)” (which seems to give your timezone) in G9 and format G-column as date/time (like: 30.07.2016 10:08:10) and then expand those values to the end.

      For actual data (which should be in B and C columns), formatting those columns to basic numbers should do the trick. If not, there is always that locale difference possibility with wrong decimal separator, so you should somehow tell excel that you are importing that csv in american english. Libreoffice does ask for that as you are opening csv:s.

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      Just remembered what i thought when screwing with test logs yesterday.. Would it be possible to add human readable starting date+time to log headers? And to end also, when done the right way by stopping from app before ripping memorycard out..

      And for added bonus, that formula with correct timezone for quick starts and less hussle for new users..

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      Hallo ville,
      “So it would seem did everything
      is fine, but after walking away it stops .. So

      I think so that was with me. 10:08 AM I started recording and then went away. Today at 9:27 AM, I went to Mooshimeter and have finished recording. Only the minutes from 10:08 AM and 9:27 AM recorded nothing else. I also think this is a bug.

      Your advice with LibreOffice I’ll try.
      Thank you so much!

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      I do not understand Mooshimeter. Yesterday I wanted data record but there were just two minutes recorded. Since this morning the Mooshimeter on my desk and is not connected. Now I have read the memory card and it has been since this morning every second written to the memory card although logging was made and iPad and iPhone were off a value. What am I doing wrong. I raised the version 1.06 to Mooshmeter. The version 1:07 has too many bugs. At least I can thanks to Ville help create a reasonably Usable chart with Excel. Thanks again to Ville. But Excel is to not particularly well suited to long create charts clearly. In addition I have a freeware program found. CSV Viewer I have indicated as the download link. The program can be days long shown records.

      CSV_Viewer Download Freeware

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      BRA-KB, Sorry I probably cant help since I don’t have a IOS device. In android, there is a setting (top right gear symbol) which allows a setting of Auto-connect if the meter and phone get disconnected. This seems to help.

      James, ville sparked an interesting question in my mind. How do you [gracefully] stop the app? For example. if sound is on (speaking meter readings), then none of the exit buttons will stop the app nor stop the BLE connection. This is not necessarily a bad thing, maybe even desirable in many situations, how is the app stopped if desired? And should there be a way to BLE disconnect separate from app stop? Not a big issue for me since I can use android force stop or android turn bluetooth off, but I thought it might be related to the posts here. – — Duane

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      Hello Duane, Thanks for the note. I have now found out when the Mooshimeter’s device in range of IOS are continuously written data on the memory card although the IOS devices are in standby mode and before the app was not finished. The data is also written to the memory card when the logging funtion was not turned on. For me it’s a bug. It should only be data written on the memory card when logging is turned on. Only then should the data in the selected distance as 1 min are stored. If I every 1min written data and want to see between the current measured values ​​and the IOS device turn on Saves the Mooshimeter back in short interval on the memory card. I forget the IOS app 1min stored data are to quit no longer useful. So in summary, as it should be. Is Logging off No data is written to the memory card regardless of whether the app is turned on or not and whether connection to the IOS device is. If logging is turned on, data at a set interval written to the memory card regardless of whether the app is turned on or not and whether connection to the IOS device is. If in a current logging a connection is allowed to Mooshimeter, the logging function which should not be affected. I just think it makes sense, the data record.

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      I have “autoconnect” switched off and i manually connect and disconnect in meter selection screen by pushing plug-symbols. It does disconnect while speaking values etc.. Only times i had to really kill the app, is after updates, if i cant connect. Then (on my oneplus two) it is enough to swipe mooshi-app off from “multitasking” menu (not sure what to call it in english, but there is home, back and that multitask-button in android phones)

      I somehow knew that i should be disconnecting from mooshimeter while logging, if i remember right, at some point every sample got written to memorycard when app was connected and only after disconnection was set intervals applied. Now user selected interval is used from the start, but now the problem seems to be that we all forget to disconnect and that, in my opinion, should happen automatically, not matter what we do..

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      Hello, with the IOS app there is no Auto Disconnect. The data should only be stored if logging is turned on. Ville you speak only Englich or German?

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      Finnish and english, sorry.. I thought at 90’s that i understand german as i watched so much viva music channels, but for real, i do not understand a thing :D

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      Sorry I didn’t get to this thread sooner – there are a lot of questions in the last 24 hours.

      ville: no wait/1 sec log intervals are easy to check, as led is blinking constantly, but nothing tells us to disconnect.. So it would seem that everything is fine, but after walking away it stops.. So JAMES, THIS IS A BUG.

      Can you confirm what firmware version you’re running? If the LED is blinking constantly, I suspect you are a few firmware versions behind, as the LED has become more sensible in later versions. The latest firmware version (available to the beta) is 1469410939. I’ve been working on logging reliability specifically in the last few firmware updates. Log settings are now saved to non-volatile memory so that even if the device is rebooted, logging will resume.

      ville: Would it be possible to add human readable starting date+time to log headers? And to end also, when done the right way by stopping from app before ripping memorycard out..

      Yes, I will add this to the feature list. Epoch timestamps are so second nature to me now I forget the perspective of users who have not worked with them before. It should not be hard to add a human readable stamp at the beginning of the file because the Mooshimeter already does this calculation (year, month, date, hour, etc.) for the filesystem timestamp, which is in a human readable format.

      Duane: How do you [gracefully] stop the app? For example. if sound is on (speaking meter readings), then none of the exit buttons will stop the app nor stop the BLE connection. This is not necessarily a bad thing, maybe even desirable in many situations, how is the app stopped if desired? And should there be a way to BLE disconnect separate from app stop?

      If I need to manually close the app I use the native iOS/Android method of doing so. It’s a double press of the home button or something like that… it brings up the task switcher. I very rarely have to do this though… never in iOS, sometimes in Android when the bluetooth stack crashes. Maybe I will add this as a button in the global settings menu, it’s a single system call to close the app so not too hard.

      99% of the time, I just press the home button and let the app fall in to the background. Leaving the sound on in that state is deliberate to make multitasking easier. I think this is closer to the accepted idiom for smartphone app lifecycle. You can manually disconnect the BLE connection by pressing the connection icon of the connected meter in the scan screen. If you let the connection fail naturally (leave it connected and walk away from the meter) that’s fine too*

      *ville I did not forget your report above about walking away and finding it caused logging to fail. I will wait for confirmation on your firmware version so I know where to look though.

      Regarding autoconnect feature: When active, this causes the app to automatically connect to the meter if it’s detected in a scan. The idea is that almost all users have only a single meter, and will close the app by just pressing the home button and putting the phone in their pocket. With auto-connect on, it means all they have to do is open the app again and the device will start scanning, then connect to their meter

      Regarding documentation in general: I’m transitioning to a wiki for documentation, as it’s much easier to maintain than a collection of PDFs and wordpress pages. I am working on it now, it’s here: . It’s still a skeleton but if you have thoughts on the evolving structure, I welcome your feedback and contributions.

      Thank you again, let me know if I missed anything. Best

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      Wow. Looks like the wiki will be very nice once populated. Thanks for sharing with us.
      — Duane

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      “walking away stopped logging”

      build: 1469410939
      app: 29 (android beta)

      I set up logging, just ac voltage with 1 sec intervals for test, left meter alone and went to eat for half an hour or so. When i got back to mooshimeter, realized that led is not blinking like it did when i left* –> open app –> (if it had been on at this time) “stop” logging –> card out –> only couple minutes from start had been saved.

      * – Might be my mistake, your former blink-rate help-page says that led triple blinks when data is recorded, is that when sample is taken or when few of those values are written to a card. Or is there any difference? After all, most of us are not native english speakers, so we get very easily of the track ;)

      And i should be going to work by now..

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      I agree with ville. Set up same configuration build: 1469410939, app: 29. I used two meters and two android phones, both android 5. Android displays set to never turn off. Used two different brand of SD cards and in fact the same cards I have used in the meter in the past. Did not move the meters or the phones.

      Started logging at 1s rate, metering page active. One app went back to scan page after 4 minutes and the other app after about an hour. Both meters blink changed to double blink every 10s.

      Restarted one meter (4s meter) again same configuration. A few hours later when I checked, I found logging turned off. The SD card log shows it stopped logging after 1.5 hours.

      I have restarted the other meter (the 1 hour one), but this time I set logging interval at 10s. It appears to still be logging after close to 4 hours.
      —- Duane

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      There is one big difference in our logging setups.. I use my primary phone for setting up mooshimeter and (if i remember ;) ) disconnect from mooshimeter and took my phone with me when leaving my meter to do its thing.

      That is why i thought that logging stopped as i got out of bluetooth range.

      Still, these symptoms might be related. And my next attempt just after that failed one went fine.. But that time i disconnected and logged only for an hour or something.

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      ville, thanks for the clarification. I misunderstood your previous post. Yes as you probably know, here in the USA we can get pre-paid phones real cheap $10 or less (the carrier doesn’t matter since I don’t activate the cell coverage), so it is very easy for me to dedicate a phone to a meter and not use my main phone. I’m glad I ran the tests because it shows the logging stops even when the phone/meters are not separated. I don’t understand since it was pretty stable in previous versions. It is very good that folks from all over the world can all compare our experience here to hopefully make this better. Thanks to BRA-KB for starting us out on this thread.

      Additionally, the meter I restarted with logging set at 10s finally stopped logging after about 5 hours, went back to scan page, and blink is 2 blinks every 10s.

      I restarted the original 4s meter with logging every 10s. After 1.5 hours, I found the app metering page changed to logging off, and the meter was blinking at 1 per second.
      – – – Duane

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      Thanks for the details guys. Good news is that I can reproduce the issue I think you’re seeing – staying connected while streaming AC, while logging at 1s intervals, seems to cause a failure after X minutes where X is variable.

      I haven’t figured it out yet though. This one is very tough…

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      So slowly I can get used to the Mooshimeter yet. I have the quiescent current and the voltage of my car rerecorded. Now that I have after setting up the app finished on the iPhone has the Mooshimeter every 10 seconds. Just as it has been set. Only to incorrect data have crept in between when I have looked at the readings on the iPhone. Then constantly data was recorded. I hope the following functions in the Mooshimeter be integrated.
      1. Data to be written only to the memory card when the logging function in the app is activated.
      2. The data to be written only in the interval to the memory card is set in the app. Live display of measurements may not affect these intervals. If every 10 seconds is set then may also be written to the memory card only every 10 seconds measurements.
      3. The date and time is to be written in a readable format by people on the memory card. For example, 08/02/2016 20: 45: 24,456.
      4. The measured values ​​to be written into a decimal number and not as a scientific number on the memory card. I mean if I have a 12 Voltage Sign to be written on the memory card of value e.g. 12.4723. I mean that the value is written to the memory card as it appears in the app.
      5. The log file should be loaded with Bluetooth via the app down without that Mooshimeter must be dismantled.
      6. The two columns in which no values ​​should be written not be recorded on the memory card. I believe in the new firmware is already implemented.
      7. An app for Mac OSX and Windows to analyze the CSV tables. The app will also represent large and long periods Graphically for evaluation. Excel is the fast to its limits. The graph function of Excel is not designed very well. The freeware program Ingos CSV viever is very good for it. I once added a screenshot of the program.

      If the points are implemented is the recording of measured values ​​easily without much to format the CSV file.

      Screenshot Ingos CSV Viewer

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      Hi BRA-KB,

      I had not seen Ingo’s CSV viewer before, thank you. I added it as another useful tool to the wiki.

      Before I left my office to work on the next Mooshimeter manufacturing run (Aug. 8), I spent a few days reproducing the bugs outlined in this thread and trying to fix them. I think I accomplished that with firmware release 1470628829. Thank you for the detailed reports, they really helped.

      Regarding the list of features:
      I’ve added most of these to the feature list. I’ll be working on documentation improvement and hunting the last few bugs in the last release before moving on to new content, but I just wanted to let you know I heard you.


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