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      Jonathan martin

      Did the latest apps (iphone) and firmware update. Now I get a issu with the second meter line in the apps.

      If I try to switch from Voltage DC to anyting else, when I clicking on it, apps faild and close. So I can’t mesure Voltage AC.

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      Hi Jonathan,

      Sorry for the trouble. For trying to diagnosis, can you tell me:
      – iOS version
      – What hardware
      – Firmware version on the meter (visible in the scan screen)


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      I Also have found an error in the last update. The Logging On button does not work. I can not turn the logging function.

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      I have found since the last update of the firmware herraus nich Funtioniert the Logging button properly. After connecting to the IPhone is Logging Off Showing. I press the button does not change the text. I Separate the connection and then re-connect is on the Logging On and Logging, is on button. I press again on the button, the text does not change still. I Separate then the device and connect new the logging function is turned off and the text wecchselt to Logging Off.
      I have recorded the battery charge my Audi A6 for 3 days. It took a long time until I have the data processed so that I could create a readable graphics. Please record the Scientific figures in tables(1,24367_E6) in numbers as in the app is displayed (12,4367) change. Convert the date and time in Mooshimeter and as readable values ​​on the memory card writing. Logging on the memory card only when the logging button is turned on. The Do I wish at next update.

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      Hi Bra-KB and Jonathan,

      It turns out crash reports were not being properly reported. I fixed the reporting issue and now understand where the crash was occurring.

      I believe I’ve repaired the bug and have submitted the new version of the app to Apple for beta approval. It should be available to the beta program tomorrow.

      Regarding BRA-KB’s logging on and off issue: Sorry, I don’t completely understand. It sounds like logging is working for you but you would like the numbers to be in a different format, is that correct?

      Thank you

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