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      Thanks for the latest software/firmware updates. My Mooshimeter is working really well, and far more reliably that other Bluetooth gadgets I own.

      Just a couple of thoughts re. software. I don’t know how feasible they are, and forgive me if they have been discussed before.
      – It would be really useful to transfer log files wirelessly, without the need to disassemble the meter
      – On loading the app, most of the time I want to reconnect to the meter I was using previously. How about skipping the connect screen and connecting automatically?

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      Hi Tim,

      Thanks so much for the input! We prioritize new features based on this sort of feedback.

      Wireless logs: Wireless log files are definitely a feature we’d like to add, but the biggest limiting factor is that Bluetooth Low Energy has a really low transfer rate. To transfer a 1MB log would take 10-20 minutes with present iOS and Android distributions. This might still be useful for some users who embed their meters in hard to reach places, but generally it will end up being faster for people to just pop out the SD card.

      Auto-connect: Yes, most users have only one meter, so this makes sense. Consider it on the to-do list.


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      I want to customize the software in order to collect data in the field, voltage survey in buried pipelines. is possible?

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      Hi Roberto,

      Yes, there are a couple of companies trying to do this. You can use the apps I have on github as a starting point:


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      hi Roberto
      I am working with the github source code in order to add the capability to save the GPS coordinates from the cellphone GPS with voltage and resistance.
      I am not interested by pipelines but it is for volcanology (Self potential).
      we have probably the same needs
      best regards

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