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      1. First, wanted to say new App version has a SOLID rather than a broken/pulsed tone when performing a Diode Drop/Continuity Test. This is GREAT and how it should be, unfortunately there is a processing delay between the time the leads are touched together and the tone is heard. Not sure the tone response time can be resolved, probably some delay with Meter/BT/Device??

      Maybe a dedicated Continuity Menu Option that somehow speeds up the detection, transmission and tone generation time???

      2. I found the Log files on the SD card and was able to transfer the Log files via BT, did not see this previously. I realize for large files, this is a slow processes due to the nature of LE Bluetooth.

      Is there a way that the App can determine and display how much open/unused space is available on the Micro SD card? Something like a Windows Pie Chart display?? Even if this means the user needs to input the Micro SD card size that is installed in the meter. This would be a really useful feature so the Micro SD car does not need to be removed to check the available/free capacity on the card.

      3. Max & Min captured measurement display option on the App or on a secondary page of the App if real estate is a problem.

      4. Not sure this is offered or posted anywhere?

      Since the Log files do not output the data in a standard Voltage value, a calculation is required. Can a tutorial or video be put together to show how to import the .CSV file into a program like MS Excel for graphing and analyzing. I know there is currently and online tool that is available, but it would be nice to have a few tutorials/how to’s for graphing and analyzing the data locally.

      5. Not sure if this exists or has been requested or considered, Will there ever be a way to display a Log file as a graph in App??

      This would be a great time saver even if this is more of a rough graph if for some reason the Log file is too large. A Pan and Zoom option would also be very useful along with a on display Max & Min captured value.

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