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    Brett Johnson

    Hi Gang,
    Any plans for support for laptop/desktop OSs?

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    Rich Wetter

    Not a Intel x86 port exactly but…

    While I am still having fun with my unit running Android 4.4.4…And lots to learn there, that said…

    I have in the past run android x86 in Virtualbox, but had not tried bluetooth. Soo what the heck, lots of setup but got android x86 to work with bluetooth, get the latest apk for android then run it, it sees my Mooshimeter (halfway there!) but will not go past that point yet.

    LOTS of Virtualbox settings to try so if I get it working better let you know.

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    Please let me know how this experiment goes!

    Putting together some libraries for PC is pretty high on the to-do list, but the launch and supporting it is swamping available time. Also logging needs to get debugged.

    Way back in the beginning of the project I wrote something to talk to a prototype using:
    A TI USB Dongle:

    This guy’s excellent python interface to said dongle:

    Let me know if you make progress – if you put something on github I’d love to check it out

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