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      On Android, After cycling through several parameters, Temp only shows “mC” or “Raw”. When I first started, there was “C” and Raw. Also, why no F?

      “About” function does nothing, so I couldn’t report version, but was installed today. (2015-01-23)

      Feature request: Read voltage of batteries.

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      Good calls all – as you have noticed the Android app is much less mature than the iOS app and features are still being added. I moved your requests in to issues on Github. You can add more here:

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      On IOS,
      I only have “C” or “RAW” as well.

      Also, When changing the other channel not showing the temperature, changing modes, changes the frequency and sample rates which affect the temperature reading. After changing a few times, my temperature went from 17.501 C to -257.22 C

      Question regarding logging: Since the only way to get the SD card is to disassemble the meter, will there be a way to download the logged files via bluetooth connection to pc ?

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      Another Post regarding Temperature.
      When running the IOS app on Ipad, the Temperature option doesn’t show up. Only on the Iphone.

      Also on Channel 1 – when temperature is selected it will show mC and OVERLOAD

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      I am having temp glitches as well….

      1. At first it was showing -127 and had to restart app to get valid number.
      (this will happen again after some “button pushing”, but a restart brings it back)

      2. The temperature appears to be almost 2 degrees C high. Is this “just how it is” or is there a configuration down the road. (temperature monitoring was one of the features that stood out to me)

      3. When graphing, every so often there would be a glitch that spiked to 40 or to 5 and the scaling would get messed up.

      4. The app has no icon, just the default circles and lines placeholder.

      None the less, I am excited to have this!


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      Loren: No temperature on iPad? That is truly strange… The only thing I can offer there is to wait for the new build that’s in the approval process in the app store. It has different build parameters, including being flagged as a native iPad app. Maybe that will change the behavior?

      Tom: The temperature is the temperature measured on the ADC die. I think it’s only accurate to +- 1*C, but also bear in mind the ADC is self heating when the meter is on. So I wouldn’t trust it as a good gauge of the outside temperature, it’s more for performing temperature calibration on the fly, something I plan to add to the firmware when there’s time. If you need a good measurement of outside temperature you should use a thermocouple.


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