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      Brandon Baxley

      Im a little confused as to how to use the temperature measurement features offered with the Mooshimeter. Specifically I am trying to use a type K thermocouple that came with my fluke 87, but it doesnt seem to be responding to it. Looking through the forums, it seems that thermocouples are not yet supported in native units and one would have to calculate based off the reference temperature and the thermocouple conversion temp. Are thermocouples still not supported, and if not what types of measurement devices can be used with the temperature option in the mooshimeter UI?

      Is there additional documentation that might talk about measuring temperature? Any more information would be really helpful!



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      Hi Brandon,

      Thermocouples are still not supported, the temperature reading is measuring the temperature sensor inside the Mooshimeter itself. This Android app update has suffered from feature creep, apologies for being so late with it, but thermocouple support is part of it.


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      Hi James – do you have any test builds we could help debug :D

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      That was my hypothesis as well, but i put the meter inside my freezer to test and it didnt seem to respond much. Is it only accurate for a narrow range? Also it sounds like thermocouples are supported on IOS but not Android? I have an iphone that i could use so that would be awesome!

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      Thermocouple support is literally what I’m working on right now. It will come to Android first. And putting the meter in the freezer is a good test, but when the case of the meter is closer it is quite well insulated and the temperature will change very slowly.


      I’ve been doing all my work recently in the dev2 branch of the Android repository. It’s still not quite fit for public consumption, but if you are interested in Android dev and the Mooshimeter, feel free to take a look!

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