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      I couldn’t find any document describing a procedure to verify whether a Mooshimeter performs within specification or a procedure describing how to calibrate it, if it’s not. I’d think such documentation would add great value for modest cost. Well, admittedly great value to me (and perhaps other customers) and modest cost to you ;-}

      Could such be added to the (currently sparse) documentation, please?

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      Hi Guenther,

      Right now there is no self-calibration feature in the meter. It’s calibrated against external references in the factory and the calibration data is saved to flash. Right now the best way for a user to verify that the meter is in-spec is to measure an external reference with it.

      User calibration is another feature on the firmware to-do list, but I think it will still be a few months before I can get to it :)

      If you’re curious about the factory calibration, it has a few precision sources:
      – 5V
      – 1V
      – 100mA
      – 1k
      – 50k

      Let me know what other information I can provide. Best

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