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      Hi. I work on appliances and got this meter to log oven temperature using a k type thermocouple. I have readings on the meter but I cannot figure out how to get external temperature onto the graph. Please help!

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      App can’t currently graph “third channel”, only those two real ones..*

      If you log internal temperature and K-type probe voltage, you could (in theory, if you have too much free time and great skills in maths) calculate and graph probe temperatures with excel etc, but it really is pain in the ass to even understand what the hell k-type probe is and what and why it does :D

      There has been head scratching threads on this forum couple times, so you might want to try search for “k-type” or something..

      * – I’m not a coder, but i really think that “third channel” graphing would be quite simple thing to implement..

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      Thanks for the responce. It seems sending the math channel to the graph would be a simple change. It’s a shame. I only got this mainly for bluetooth temperature logging. It’s frustrating that it’s obviously possible. I really don’t wanna have to return this for an app feature that could be easily implemented soon…

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      Yeah, it is really a shame that the development on the app stalled for so long.

      I made a suggestion here on how we as the community/users could potentially get new features in the app:

      How to get new features in the app / Bounty

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