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      Just got my meter, and its quite a lovely little device. Some minor issues getting it to bluetooth to the phone, but resolved with not too much effort.

      One thing I have not been able to do is email my logs. My configuration is:

      Galaxy S5 (Sprint) running Android 6.0.1, email client is K9 Mail V5.208.

      When I send a log, everything on the phone looks reasonable, and an email is sent, but its when it’s received the log is not attached. Interestingly, the subject of the email shows some junk characters and the name of a log file, but no file is attached.


      Any thoughts on how to debug this?

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      Additional information:

      After some debugging, I’ve determined that K9 mail is objecting to the extremely weird filename that the mooshimeter is creating for the log file. My unit is creating file names of the form:

      Moosh1 “�-Log2-20171107_1531.csv

      Where the characters between Moosh1 and Log2 are:


      This is pretty weird by anyone’s file name standards. Is this normal behavior? How can I change it to A..z, 0..9 file names?

      When I rename the file to something more reasonable, I can send it just fine.

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