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      Dear All,

      I have just taken delivery of my new Mooshimeter, but I have been unable to get it working, I am hoping it is a setup issue and someone has seen this before.

      I have tested with iOS & Android and the results are the same.

      I downloaded the app to my phone and the current device FW is: 1477971088
      I can connect to the device, see signal strength, battery status, set device name, etc, but I am unable to take any measurements.

      I have tried to take a simple DC Voltage measurement and get the following:
      At the start the display shows:
      -0.00002V when connected to a 4vDC supply the display changes to 0.00011V

      When I test Resistance the software displays “OUT OF RANGE”, but then I connect both probs together and its still displays out of range. (Set to 1k ohm, manual) if set to 10kOhm Manual it displays -10.00790k Ohm. It also displays -10.00790kOhm in Autorange.

      Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction to resolving this issue.



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      My first guess is maybe a fuse problem??

      BUT if the fuse was bad, not sure you could have woken the meter up, but if you popped the fuse after the meter woke up, then this would make sense.

      Easy enough to check assuming you have another meter.

      Amazon has the fuses now, but the are EXPENSIVE!!!!!!! $10 each!!!!!!!

      I was going to suggest that these meters should ship with a spare fuse if for no other reason than to make is convenient for the end user. Even if this means the price of the meter needs to rise slightly, I would bet that the fuses do not cost Moosh $10 each on bulk!!!

      Hope someone is listening??

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      Thank you for the advice, I hadn’t checked the fuses, assumed the meter wouldn’t work without one, but I have just checked and the fuse is fine.

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      Make sure that all the settings are in the Auto configuration.

      This is really important for AC Voltage measurements.

      Also make sure you chose the proper drop box for what you are trying to use.

      I usually use the lower part of the App display by defautl.

      Also make sure the leads are fully seated and the Black lead is in the lower right C port of the meter.

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      Hi Steve,

      A blown fuse would not affect voltage measurements, only current, so it’s probably not that. Is it possible one of your test leads is defective and the signal is not getting through to the meter? If this is the case I will send you a new set of leads. You can test this by rotating through the 3 test leads using only 2 at a time.


      Hi jfoj,

      Thanks for helping Steve, and I wanted to assure you that I do listen to emails and to the forum. I dropped the fuse price on Amazon to $7 and am not making any profit on them. The point of putting them on Amazon as a convenience to customers. Most of the fuse cost you see in the Amazon price is Amazon’s fees (about $4 for selling and fulfilling this item).


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      @ James.

      Thanks for looking into the fuse pricing.

      Please consider a spare fuse with the meter purchase even if you have to raise the price a bit or offer 2 purchase options, with and without 1-2 extra fuses.

      The thing is if people cannot easily get the proper fuse, if needed, and they put the wrong fuse in the meter, it becomes a possible safety problem.

      I know even the Fluke fuses are a PITA to find and they are expensive, but I like to have a spare fuse on hand so I do not suffer any downtime.


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