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      Paul Hedderly

      Since the last beta firmware / app update, I think there may be a problem with the log enabling. I’ve not used my moosh for a couple of weeks and came back to flat batterys (0.9v). Looking at the sd card it seems it was logging for a few days but I am certain that I had turned logging off.

      I had also found that turning logging on didn’t always have the desired effect. Am I alone, totally clumsy or absent minded?

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      Hi Paul, I have seen exactly the same symptoms. The batteries were emptied in about 2 weeks, and some unexpected log files appeared on the SD card. They contain only about 6000 data points, so I doubt the logging alone can account for the battery drain. The logs are irregular, stopping and starting at unexpected times.

      I’m sure James will sort it out. For now I have withdrawn from the beta-test programme and re-flashed the stable firmware, and the Mooshimeter is working nicely again.

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      PS. My rogue log files are from before the 6th May update. I did not see unusual battery drain with the most recent beta firmware (before going back to stable), but I had also removed the SD card.

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      It happened to me again since yesterday. Turned of logging, closed the app… and this morning it was flashing and logging.

      James I hope its an easy one to fix.

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      Hi guys,

      Yes, good catch. It’s an easy fix… I changed the default settings to test new logging code and forgot to change them back. Will be linking to new release on blog shortly…


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      Ahh cheers!

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      Good news! Looking forward to trying out the update.

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