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      I was again logging my fridge/freezer, this time only electrically.. As mains voltage is boring to log, only amps (and with ct that is much safer). At ~20 hours i think i had enough data, unplugged my setup, stopped logging and went at my computer to unscrew mooshimeter and got memorycard out. Quickly copied logfile and deleted it from card, put card back to mooshimeter and reseted meter, which i planned to do now on, if i would do some “real” work, to avoid any uptime etc issues.. Should not cause more trouble?

      About a day later, i noticed that meter i had left on my table did that “triple chirp”, so it was logging. Check the app and yes, it says logging is on, so i stopped it. Resulting log-file had started again with timestamp of little less than 4 secs and got to real time when i had checked battery level or something many hours later. And i did not notice logging was on at that point.

      I thought that i did not stop logging at all, when i ended my freezer experiment, but log file from that basically proofs that i did. 10 sec intervals, only two lines with lower than my freezers idle current and it had to took me couple minutes to get that card out after i had stopped.

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