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      I’m having difficulty with updating the firmware on my mooshimeter. It seems to do one of two things: If I put it in bootloader mode as suggested in the video on this site, it will get to “programming started” and then instantly say

      If I just try updating the firmware without first putting it in bootloader mode, it will say “ready to program device” and sit there for a few minutes, then say “image loaded” and then “ready to program device” and repeat indefinitely.

      I’ve tried all the variations I can think of (removing batteries, rebooting phone, etc.)

      The only other thing that’s weird is that once I’m in the firmware update screen, I’m unable to exit and have to kill the app to do anything else.

      Any thoughts on what to do would be appreciated. Also a list of the changes between the version I have now (1470628829) and the one I’m trying to move to (1477971088) might help me to know if it’s worth the effort!


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      I see that one of my sentences above breaks off in the middle! It should say: It will get to “programming started” and then instantly say “programming canceled”.

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      Hi Johnathan,

      99% of the time, firmware update failure is due to low battery on the Mooshimeter. Can you try with a fresh set of batteries?

      Also, the upgrade process is usually more reliable from an Apple device than Android, so if you have easy access to an iPhone or iPad I suggest giving that a try as well.


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