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      I am new to mooshimeter(just purchased). My frustration is with the support website. Blog entries and page comments just are not a good design for, what you hope will be, a larger company. There should be a page listing software and firmware versions with sub docs with rev change logs. The forums should be threaded. There are a few very good software packages for forums and it would make things so much easier. I get frusterated with the current organization of the website. Many users dont have the time or desire to follow every tweet. Just give us the info in an easy to find way. Searchable knowledge base and a real multithreaded forum. P.S I do love the moosimeter

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      Hi Eric,

      Thanks for this. I agree. I recently added a search tab to the sidebar (should be on your left) that makes life a little easier because it gets the forum and the blog posts. Sometimes I also just use Google’s “SEARCHTERM”. I know these are bandaids but they help.

      Also, to be perfectly frank, I don’t have a lot of experience building this kind of website. Do you have recommendations for good forum software? I did a little research and determined BBPress was the simplest and most compatible, but if there’s a better option I’d love to hear it.


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