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      I searched the site and could not find any information on what exactly is needed to work properly with the Mooshimeter. No mention is made of what version of Android is needed at minimum to properly install and run the application. A proper list of required hardware and software must be put on your web site and it must be easy to find. The same goes for the apps made for each platform (Android and iOs) there should be a link directly for the apps and each version must have a list of features and bug fixes.

      Adding a tutorial on the use of the meter would be nice too, when are the manual parameters better than the automatic ones and why and when to change stock parameters. What can be done with the log? what is the format?

      Is it OK to open up the slots in the case to make the microSD card pop out without taking the case appart? Will this void any warranty?

      What is the little push button next to the card slot for? (firmware update?)

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      Hi Jean,

      You’re right on all counts. The only version information for phones and operating systems is on the crowdfunding page at Dragon Innovation.

      The good news is the last of the pre-order shipments got out the door this morning, which means I’m working on support resources now. I’ll answer your specific questions here and port them to the support page as well because they come up frequently.

      Re: logging feature: This feature is not finished yet and will require an app update. Data will be available on the SD card in a binary format with conversion tools to create CSV. SD cards accepted are SD and SDHC, so any SD card up to 32GB should work.

      Re: Opening the slots: This will void the CATIII 600V rating. The SD card slot is not electrically isolated from the terminals, so if you touch the SD card while the leads are plugged in, you risk electrical shock.

      Re: Small sidefacing button: This is a hard reset button. In the event of a glitch or a freeze it lets you restart the meter without removing the batteries.

      More soon, thank you!

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      Thanks James,

      I know it’s a hard path to get everything sorted out and the first units bear the brunt of any problems. Good to know you and your team are working on fixing every bug, the good thing is that things CAN be fixed.

      I find it funny that governing bodies see to it we are safe using a meter with the capability to measure up to 600 volts, they don’t think for an instant that working on 600 volts is dangerous in itself ;-)


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      The safety failure of the SD card slot was not actually at 600V, the issue was that for a 600V CATIII rating you need to withstand a 4000V impulse on the terminals with the whole meter wrapped in grounded foil. This is to simulate a lightening strike on a transmission pole while the user is measuring a household voltage with the meter in hand. In that case there was arcing through the SD card slot. Just wanted you to know the exact failure mode in case you hypothetically were going to make dangerous alterations to your meter :)

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