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      I just received my mooshimeter and followed the instructions on the card, which told me to get the app from

      However I also noticed there is one in the play store, which looks like a newer version.

      So where to get app from?

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      Latest one is in play store. Then there is beta-program, but its just that same version at the moment.

      Wiki might give answers to couple of your next questions:

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      And is the other one (on the website) still updated, or why is it there?

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      Not quite sure if the latest version is available on the website.. Its been a while from that release and i have been updating from play store from several versions ago.

      And that why-part.. Why not? For example, if new release breaks something with just your phone, it would be nice to be able to downgrade and keep using your mooshimeter while waiting for a fix. After all, it’s too light to be used as a paperweight ;)

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      > And that why-part.. Why not? …
      True, but if you just follow the card instruction and don’t bother to check the store, you are stuck with an outdated version w/o even noticing it…

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