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      Jouni Pekkanen

      Playing with my meter and a random ldr I just noticed that I get 16.2 kohm reading on on 10k range, overflow on lower ranges, and about 40.35 kohm on higher ranges. Also, 1M range gives less digits than 2.5M range (256 samples, 125 Hz). With a bit more light I get the higher ranges agreeing on about 15 kohm and 10k range read 14 kohm.

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      The Android app version I installed was timestamped “04-Feb-2015 21:48”.

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      Hi Jouni,

      The ranges are named for nice round numbers, but can actually measure values about 1.5x to 2x the indicated range (varies between channels).

      Regarding the number of significant digits displayed: For resistance measurement there are adjustable internal amplifiers in the meter that have a certain amount of intrinsic noise. The amount of noise depends on the amplification level requested by the controller. The 1MΩ range involves an amplifier being turned all the way up, producing a higher noise level. The software knows what noise level to expect and truncates digits that will be too noisy to be useful.

      I hope this answers your questions! Best

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      The number of digits makes sense but wrong values for > 10k resistances on the 10k range do not..

      For example:

      4.7k resistor: 4.64.., 004.65, 004.649
      15k: 13.9672, 014.72, 014.722
      15+6.8k: 13.9666, 021.38, 021.385

      on 10k, 1M and 2.5M ranges.

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