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    OK, thanks, I see it’s not an easy fix. Another thought is to look at the Nordic BLE software – they’re offering OTA updates and although I’m not suggesting changing to their devices, their code might show workarounds for the android problems.

    I’m an EE and embedded software engineer. It’s a shame that the firmware isn’t open source, but at least the apps and protocol are, and that’s probably the most useful area. I did look at some other wireless meters but your idea of putting two channels in is really good. I bought it with a particular application in mind – a windpowered artwork that has all the electrical parts spinning and a need to monitor power consumption and battery charging. I probably should have built wireless monitoring into it but a ready-made device is great.

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    It’s actually Android 5.1.1, on a moto G version 3. I assume this is why the bootload itself worked OK, though there still appears to be some caching problems.

    I also had difficulty swapping between apps running on the moto G and a Nexus 7 (2012), also running 5.1.1 (and with a patch app that enables the unsupported BLE). I had difficulty releasing the mooshimeter from one device so that it could be seen by the other.

    If you were to update the bootloader for later production units, what would be needed to replace it on older devices ? The CC2540 is quite widely used and the CC debug adapters available cheaply, if that’s what’s needed.

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    I have a similar story to Peter’s : I had great difficulty getting the download to run (it mostly got stuck ‘connecting’ or ‘autoconnecting’) and only got it to work when I saw Peter’s report and tried turning the BT off and on again.

    The download then worked well, taking 2 minutes. But afterwards, the app wouldn’t believe the meter was back in normal mode despite the led indicating that it was. Again, cycling the BT in the phone setup allowed it to work.

    It’s now mostly working, but I can confirm the problem Peter reports with buffer mode. It will refresh once or twice and then gets stuck.

    Regarding downloads on Android devices : how about putting the update code on an SD card and installing it from there ? They’re much cheaper than an iOS phone !

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)