Example Videos

Profiling the Electrical Loads in a 2006 Honda Civic

This video demonstrates diagnosis of a car electrical system with a Mooshimeter.

  • The high voltage channel is connected across the battery
  • The low voltage channel is connected across the ground cable

Both channels are sampled simultaneously to give a complete real-time power profile of the battery as the car itself and various peripherals are turned on and off.

Demo blog posts:

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Raw Footage

We’re still refining the videos below for easier consumption. But until we’re done with that we think it’s important to share some raw footage of the beta units doing their thing, bugs and all.

For a more concise presentation of the capabilities, check out the mooshimeter main product page.

Installing in a Car

Here we demonstrate how easy it is to install a Mooshimeter for live monitoring of a vehicle’s electrical system.  By connecting the voltage channel across the battery and the high precision input across the grounding cable, we can see voltage and battery current without disconnecting existing wiring.

To get current, we need to know the resistance of the grounding cable.  We estimated this one to be 3mOhm.  That’s a very rough estimate, but for many debugging problems it’s good enough.


Embedding in a Tesla Coil Cabinet

Our friends at Arc Attack embedded a Mooshimeter in the base of one of their tesla coils.  This meter is monitoring the DC bus voltage and current inside the cabinet and replaced a custom fiber-optic setup.

Honestly we were surprised how easily the meter maintained its BLE connection through a cage and intense EMI from the arc.

Measuring a Heart Rate

Just for fun we decided to try and pick up human heartbeats with the Mooshimeter.  Sure enough, we can!  The meter in this video is completely unmodified.  The app on the phone is running a single point differentiation to make the heartbeats stand out better.

Setting up a Battery Discharge Test

We’ve been using our beta units for a lot of bench work as well as field work. My smartphone is usually already on the table anyway, so it ends up being quite practical. In this very quick demo the Mooshimeter is set up to log the discharge of a battery over time.

Car Peripheral Profiling

This is a bunch of raw footage showing installing a Mooshimeter in a Honda Civic grabbing data from all sorts of different peripherals.