Mooshim is a prototype to production electronic design company that will work with you to make your product a reality.  Our clients range from one-man startups trying to develop a proof-of-concept to established companies trying to add features to the next version of an established product line.  We offer broad electronics expertise including:


  • MSP430 family
  • 8051 family
  • Freescale Coldfire
  • Cypress PSOC families
  • Atmel ATTiny + AVR
  • Stellaris ARM Cortex M4


  • Mobile Bluetooth Products
  • Consumer Wifi Products
  • Battery Management
  • High Power Density SMPS
  • Biomedical Instrumentation
  • Industrial and Robotic Control

PCB Technologies and Techniques:

  • Cost-optimized 1-layer
  • >10 layer high speed digital designs
  • Mixed digital and uV-precision analog
  • Flex design
  • Rigid-flex design
  • Heavy copper, high power designs

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