LED Blink Patterns

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Brief Description of Bootloader vs. Application firmware[edit]

The Mooshimeter ships with two different pieces of firmware on it - the Bootloader and the Application. The Bootloader firmware is loaded once at the factory and never overwritten again. It exists only to update the Application firmware, which may be updated from time to time with new features and bug fixes.

When the Mooshimeter is reset, it will sit in Bootloader mode for 5-8 seconds. During this time, the LED will be on for 1s, off for 1s, repeatedly. If no user connects to the Mooshimeter while it's in Bootloader mode, it will boot the Application firmware.

For versions of Application Firmware <144XXXXXXX[edit]

In legacy firmware, the LED is on whenever the processor is active on the Mooshimeter. You will see a chirp of activity every time the meter takes a sample, and a periodic chirp every 10 seconds.

For versions of Application Firmware >144XXXXXXX[edit]

Meter Status:

Mooshimeter Mode Time between chirps Blinks in chirp Notes
Shipping mode 20s 1 The meter is not advertising or connectable over Bluetooth. Short the C and Ω terminals together for 10 seconds to reboot in standby mode.
Standby 10s 1 The meter is connectable over Bluetooth and has no microSD card.
Standby with SD mounted 10s 2 The meter is connectable over Bluetooth and has an SD card mounted
Standby with SD error 10s 4 The meter is connectable over Bluetooth and detected an SD card, but had an error in mounting/writing to it
Connected 1s 1 The meter is connected over Bluetooth. Feedback regarding SD card status can be seen through the app.
Wrote a sample to log Logging interval 3 The meter successfully wrote a sample to the logfile.
Low battery 0.5 3 The meter's battery is too low for normal operation. Replace the battery.