Processing Mooshimeter Logs

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Note on Firmware Versions[edit]

The information on this page corresponds to firmware versions > 1460000000.

Supporting Software[edit]

Power user Andreas has written a log processing tool that generates graphs and put it online here: Mooshigraph

CSV files are supported by every major spreadsheet program, including:

Log Format[edit]


Mooshimeter logs are all named LOG***.CSV, where *** is a sequential file number starting at 000 and incrementing upwards every time a new log file is created. A new log file is created if:

  • Logging is turned off and on again by the user through the app
  • A blank SD card is inserted with logging enabled in the Mooshimeter
  • The Mooshimeter tries to recover from a logging error and is unable to append to the last existing log file

In all other circumstances, the Mooshimeter will try to append data to the last log it can find on the SD card.

Data Format[edit]

Data rows have three entries. From left to right:

  1. Timestamp
  2. Channel 1 Value
  3. Channel 2 Value

The Channel 1 Value and Channel 2 Value columns are written in standard form.


Mooshimeter timestamps are saved in Unix Time (aka. Epoch Time). The Mooshimeter receives a time update from your smartphone when a Bluetooth connection is made. In the event of an unexpected reset or power loss, the Mooshimeter will update its internal time from the last log entry.

Guidance on converting from Unix Time to calendar dates and times in Excel can be found here.

Temperature Unit Conversions[edit]

Temperature is logged in degrees Kelvin (DEGK), which can be converted to F or C using the following formulas:

T(°C) = T(K) - 273.15

T(°F) = T(K) × 9/5 - 459.67

App-side Calculations[edit]

Some calculations available through the math channel of the app are calculated within the app itself, and therefore cannot be logged by the Mooshimeter directly to the SD card. These calculations must be performed in the spreadsheet. This includes: