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* [[Logging Instructions]]
* [[Logging Instructions]]
* [[Processing Mooshimeter Logs]]
* [[Processing Mooshimeter Logs]]
=== Troubleshooting ===
* [[Error Codes]]
* [https://moosh.im/f/forum/mooshimeter-support/ FAQ]
== Mooshimeter Developer Resources ==
== Mooshimeter Developer Resources ==

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Welcome to the Mooshim Engineering wiki

This wiki serves as a hub for documentation on the Mooshimeter.

Mooshimeter Documentation

PDF Documentation



Smartphone App




Mooshimeter Developer Resources

Extending functionality with Android Intents

The Mooshimeter App for Android broadcasts intents to the Android system, which can be intercepted by other apps for their own purposes. Duane did an excellent writeup of this feature here.

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

Please submit bug reports and feature requests in the "Issues" of the relevant Github Repository (linked below).

Source Code

Protocol Documentation